Where's The Beef?

The price tag on the meat we ate tonight that we received from the Food Pantry was more than I make on my job in one day, thank you! I feel so appreciated when I volunteer at the Food Pantry. When I get there, I can't wait to get this party started!  - J.J., Mantua

Whoa, what kind of food distribution program gives away such great quality meat?  A food distribution program with GREAT PARTNERS!  We count it a privilege to serve the people in our community, but without our food partners, we would have nothing to serve.  Let us introduce them to you...

The meat with a price tag equivalent to a day's wages came from our primary food partner, the Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ).  As part of their Hope Mobile Program, over 70% of the food we serve is generously provided by the FBSJ.  Each month we receive thousands of pounds of grains, dairy, protein, meat, bread, beverage, toiletry, frozen, snacks, vegetables, fruit and produce items.  It's such a joy to all of us when their trucks arrive on our Food Distribution day loaded with pallets of...love!

Another dedicated food partner is Panera Bread in Deptford. For several years we have had the honor of being a part of the "Day End Dough-Nation" program. Once a week we pick up day-old bagels, pastries, baguettes, rolls, whole loaves, and sliced bread.  From cobblestone muffins to Asiago bagels, our guests are given a plentiful selection of delicious bakery items to bless their families, and to help make life a little "sweeter".

It's always a joy to back our truck up to the Deptford BJ's Wholesale Club, because it's like Christmas every month!  We never know what they will have for us, but it's always beyond our expectations.  So many times, we've received one of their beautiful birthday cakes, and there is a mom at our site who has a child with a birthday, and wasn't sure where the cake was going to come from.  That's what the South Jersey Dream Center is all about!



The Ammons Family ShopRite in Mullica Hill is one of our longest running food partners,celebrating six years of donating day old bakery items.  Kara, the Bakery Manager, fills several grocery carts each month with rolls, buns, pastries, bagels, pies, cookies, and lots of bread.  Bread goes a long way in most households, but you never seem to have enough.  


The most recent partner added to our growing list is Albert's Organics in Swedesboro.  Each month they donate a pallet of the finest organic vegetables and fruit on the market today. Beautiful blueberries, fresh brussel sprouts, tomatoes, oranges, lettuce, and so much more...even turkeys at Thanksgiving time!  

Thanks to Flowers Foods, on the third Monday of every month we travel to Howell, PA to pick up over 250 loaves of assorted sliced bread including Nature's Own, Home Pride, Roman Meal and Country Kitchen, and the American icon...Wonder Bread.  Thanks to their local distributor, FloCorp, our guests will have what they need to pack a school lunch, compliment a meal, or make an after school snack.

Our friends at Philabundance cross over the river every week to share their "abundance" with us and other local agencies at a hub in Camden.  We receive seasonal fresh vegetables and fruit galore!


As the Garden State, we are so blessed to be surrounded by fields of Jersey Fresh corn, tomatoes and a wealth of other local produce grown by local farmers.  The New Jersey Agricultural Society established Farmers Against Hunger in 1996 as a way to enable farmers to contribute their extra produce.  Through "gleanings" at harvest time, we were able to pick up 130 bags of mixed potatoes and fall fruit in Hightstown, so that our guests would enjoy a little extra over the holidays.  



Our last food partner "shout-out" is to...YOU!  By taking the lead in your local community and forming a Food Drive, YOU make a huge difference in the lives of others.  Our Food Drive partners include the West Deptford High School, ManorCare in Paulsboro, Custom Building Products in Logan Township, Bernie's Dry Cleaning, Deptford Skate Center, and individuals who are passionate about fighting hunger in South Jersey.  We invite you to host a Food Drive at your business, in your neighborhood, school or club.  It's so simple, AND every can, box or bag of food goes directly to the people in your surrounding community.  Follow this link to our Food Drive webpage for full details.


If your company would like to donate food, personal hygiene, paper goods, or in-kind items, please contact us today at contact@southjerseydreamcenter.org.  
We would love to partner with you!