The South Jersey Dream Center is in transition and in between locations at this time.  We are diligently pursuing a facility that will accommodate our expansion program.  Make sure to Subscribe here to receive updates on our progress.  Thank you!


It's almost shocking that anyone in America goes hungry, yet there are thousands of children and adults who do not get the meals they need to thrive. We seek to help the people we serve enjoy a food-secure future.  We don't pre-bag our food.  Our Food Distribution is set up like a grocery store, and we supply grocery carts for guests to "shop" for the specific items that their family needs.  Thanks to our Food Partners, we supply a variety of bread, pastries, fresh and local produce, personal hygiene items, canned and boxed goods, snacks, as well as diapers, dairy items and meat when available.  For those with an indoor pet and can provide proof that they are spayed or neutered, we frequently have donated pet food and supplies.  
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Many people in our local neighborhoods find themselves in crisis or transition, and can't afford coats, shoes and clothing for their families.  While visiting our Food Distribution, we invite our guests to shop at no cost in our Clothing Closet and select what they need.  Shoppers are called in number order and are welcome to take a specified number of items, while supplies last.  Every month we are cycling out older items to make room for new, and more seasonable items.  The clothing we supply are gently used or new, in great condition, and for immediate use.  Thanks to our Clothing Partners, we have shoes, handbags, coats, casual wear, children's wear, and much more.   
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Whether someone is starting over or going through crisis or transition, what makes a house a home are the simple things.  But these things can also be in short supply when your funds are being stretched.  Our desire is to help provide a sufficient and stable environment for people to raise a family and enjoy basic necessities such as kitchenware, bedding, curtains and more.  We supply lightly used household items in good condition, as they are made available to us.
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When resources are limited, many babies lack the appropriate clothing, diapers, and supplies to thrive during their crucial first years of life.  It can be surprising to new parents just how many things you need to care for a little one.  We are here to help.  Our gently used clothing, equipment and supplies are available to our guests, free of charge, who have children of their own.  We want to do all that we can to make sure the parents can focus their attention on caring for their little ones without the stress of not knowing how they will provide certain essentials for them.  
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Providing material resources is only a part of alleviating poverty.  Development of the whole person is what brings lasting change.  What makes the South Jersey Dream Center different from many other agencies, is that while our guests are waiting to shop for their food and clothes, we offer voluntary workshops.  We use local professionals to offer a 45-minute presentation on relevant and easily applicable topics, such as job readiness, overcoming addictions, health, nutrition, fitness, finances and more.  Each workshop is followed by a faith-based encouraging message from the Bible.  We also offer Bible Studies that help our guests develop a relationship with God and learn simple principles from the Bible to apply to their everyday lives.  We believe these workshops and faith-based programs are the key elements in helping people build a strong foundation and a path toward a brighter tomorrow.  
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