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1 out of 10 people in South Jersey live in poverty, according to the US Census. They lack the ability or money to provide for their basic needs. We exist to reach that 1. We actually believe the cycle of poverty can be broken over people’s lives. We believe that a sense of dignity and self-esteem can be restored. How? By offering people options to change their status quo…from the inside out. To discover their God given purpose and value, and develop their full potential. To become a positive influence in their local communities. We start with helping out with food, clothing, household, baby, and hygiene items. Then begins the personal, spiritual, and professional training. We develop the whole person.
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It's almost shocking that anyone in America goes hungry, yet thousands of people in our local communities struggle to get the meals they need. 
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Many people in our local neighborhoods find themselves in crisis or transition, and can't afford coats, shoes and clothing for their families.
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Whether someone is starting over or going through transition, what makes a house a home are the simple things, but can be in short supply.
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When resources are limited, many babies lack the appropriate clothing, diapers, and supplies to thrive during their crucial first years of life.
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Providing material resources is only a part of alleviating poverty.  Development of the whole person is what brings lasting change.
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Donations of products and services enable us to distribute nearly a quarter million pounds of food, clothing, diapers, personal hygiene, and pet items a year, as well as offer relevant and applicable training on a regular basis. Please let us know if you have any of the following resources or services to offer:



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