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We actually believe the cycle of poverty can be broken over people’s lives. We believe that a sense of dignity and self-esteem can be restored. How? By offering people options to change their status quo…from the inside out. To discover their God given purpose and value, and develop their full potential. To become a positive influence in their local communities. We start with helping out with food, clothing, household, baby, and hygiene items. Then begins the personal, spiritual, and professional training. We develop the whole person.By offering voluntary workshops, training and presentations, we desire to help people realize that there are options and opportunities waiting for them that will help break the cycle of poverty and defeat.  The topics are relevant to their everyday lives, and help them take steps toward healthier living, financial soundness, freedom from addictions, overcoming grief and sorrow, a stronger marriage and family, more effective parenting, and job readiness.  If you have supportive services that you would like to share, or professional training in one of these areas and would like to donate your time and expertise, please let us know.

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