International Students Volunteer

Over 40 students from Africa, Europe and South America attending the Faith International Training School (FITS) came out to lend a helping hand at the South Jersey Dream Center Food Pantry last month.  FITS Pastor, Marty Happle, lead the caravan from their campus in Sayreville, NJ for this much anticipated visit.  Though hunger is prevalent in every corner of the world, the method of distributing food varies from continent to continent.  Therefore, it was our privilege to share with the FITS students and staff how the South Jersey Dream Center meets the needs of local families.  From greeting guests, unloading pallets of food onto tables, helping guests with their packages, loading food into cars, breaking down boxes and equipment,  and cleaning up, everyone put in a full day of serving and making a difference.  However, the true mission of the Dream Center, and what makes us different from many other food programs, was demonstrated when Founder Rev. Joe Fortunato, shared a message of hope and victory through Christ.  In response, hands were quickly raised requesting prayer and the students made their way through the 220 plus crowd, praying for individuals and families in their native language and in English.  What a wonderful day!  Thank You FITS students for joining us for this inaugural visit, and thank you to the FITS leadership and staff for your commitment to make this a regular event each semester hereafter.