Media Style Guide

The SJDC Media Style Guide is intended to help media achieve stylistic consistency in written communications about the South Jersey Dream Center.

Founded in 2010, the South Jersey Dream Center is a non-profit that's about breaking the cycle of poverty.  We focus on restoring dignity to the individual by providing services around meeting basic needs, such as food, clothing, baby and household items, as well as through professional, personal and spiritual development. With over 180,000 people in south Jersey living below poverty, our goal is to develop people to reach their full potential, to help them go from dependency to self-sufficiency, and to supply hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Vision
This is the correct version to use: We supply hope for a brighter tomorrow

Our Mission
This is the correct version to use: We develop people to reach their full potential

Our Core Values
These are the correct values to use:
We value and respect people
We value strengthening and serving in our community with a spirit of excellence
We value partnership and relationship
We value innovation, education and discipleship
We value the good news of Jesus Christ, and God’s unconditional love and grace

Our Name
After the first reference to the South Jersey Dream Center, use the Dream Center. Do not use SJDC on second reference. 

Our Logo and Color Guide

Horizontal Logo Download



Logo Font
Sinhala Sangam MN font

Color Guide
Blue Hexidecimal: #158fb6
Blue RGB: 21, 143, 182
Blue HSB: 195, 88, 71
Blue CMYK: 81, 30, 17, 0

Orange Hexidecimal: #ff6600
Orange RGB: 255, 102, 0
Orange HSB: 24, 100, 100
Orange CMYK: 0, 74, 100, 0

Light Orange Hexidecimal: #faa53f
Light Orange RGB: 250, 165, 63
Light Orange HSB: 33, 75, 98
Light Orange CMYK: 0, 41, 85, 0